The Gibran National Committee (GNC) is a nonprofit organization formed by virtue of Decree No. 1618 dated July 10, 1934. The GNC holds the exclusive rights to manage the Lebanese author Gibran Khalil Gibran's copyright in and to his literary and artistic works. The GNC manages as well the Gibran Museum opened to the public, in his native town of Bsharri, where are exposed 440 original paintings and drawings of Gibran, his library, personal effects and handwritten manuscripts… etc.; all of which are exclusively owned by the GNC.

The members of the GNC are elected for a four-year mandate by the residents of Bsharri.

The GNC is also very active regarding the social and cultural development of the region, as per Gibran's will.

Dr. Tarek Chidiac

Mr. Joseph Fenianos

General Secretary
Mr. Raymond Geagea

Mr. Nagi Kayrouz

Cultural Secretary
Mr. Charbel Fakhry

Committee member
Mr. Chehade Tawk (Antoine)

Committee member
Miss. Mirale Succar

Committee member
Dr. Charbel Chebaia