Gibran Khalil Gibran exhibition in
Sao Paulo
02 May 2013

"130 Anos de Khalil Gibran"

Paintings, manuscripts and personal objects of the Lebanese intellectual Gibran Khalil Gibran were exposed at the "130 Anos De Khalil Gibran" exhibition at the Latin American Memorial,.

The program: :

May 2nd - June 26th, 2013 : “130 Anos De Khalil Gibran” exhibition
Location Sãlão de Atos, Memorial da America
Latina, São Paulo - Brazil
08:30 p.m. reception of guests
09.00 p. m. National Anthem of Brazil and Lebanon


Followed by:
- Introduction of the present authorities
- Pronouncement of the host Mr. John Baptist de Andrade
- Pronouncement of the President of the Gibran National Committee
- Pronouncement of the Mayor of São Paulo, Fernando Haddad
- Pronouncement of the Governor of São Paulo, Dr. Geraldo Alckmin
- Pronouncement of Vice-President of the Republic of Brazil, Dr. Michel Fear
- Closing ceremony

Tour of the guests to the exhibition

Duration of the ceremony: 40 minutes