USEk Colloquium

Gibran K. Gibran (1883-1931):
his thought, his art and his translated books

The Faculty of Letters at the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik, in collaboration with the Gibran National Committee and the Arab Translators Union, organized on April 7 and 8, 2011 a national and international colloquium entitled "Gibran K. Gibran (1883-1931): his thought, his art and his translated books".

Following the opening speech by Dr. Rania Salameh, Academic Secretary of the Faculty of Letters, Prof. Tanios Njeim, underlined in his speech on behalf of Rev. Fr. Karam Rizk, Dean of the Faculty of Letters, that after 80 years on the passing of Gibran, Gibran's literary and artistic work is still subject to reflection and inspiration. He added that the grandeur of Gibran consists today in reviving human culture with spiritual momentum: "After 80 years, I am still hearing his voice alive every time I hear the voice of youth rebelling against injustice and calling for freedom".

In turn, Dr. Tarek Chidiac, Head of the Gibran National Committee, pointed out in his speech that the books of Gibran have been translated to approximately 60 languages, mentioning that the Committee has the first edition of around 50 translated books. He added that the books of Gibran are today among the best-selling books all over the word, and competing those of Shakespeare and other highly renowned authors.

Whereas Dr. Bassam Barakeh, Secretary General of the Arab Translators Union, highlighted that Gibran was able to create exquisite literary work in more than one language and that he was able to reflect his creativity and genius through other means like painting, an art which he turned into a flexible tool between his hands and a manner to express his thoughts and feelings. At the end of his speech, he invited Lebanese and Arab translators to unite, and invited as well translation graduates to apply for membership in the Arab Translators Union.

It is worth mentioning that alongside both paths to the podium at the theatre where the colloquium was held forty reproductions of Gibran's paintings were displayed on their easels to add to the event a special touch of Girbran's works.