Annual Award

The GNC Annual Award
The Gibran National Committee aims to further spread Gibran's thoughts in Lebanon and worldwide, along with introducing them to the new generation through commemoration events, literary contests and lectures.

Thus, in 2012, the GNC Annual Award was created to honor and promote distinguished Lebanese innovators who Gibran called "Children of my Lebanon" in his article "You have your Lebanon and I have mine".

Opening speech by Dr. Tarek Chidiac President of the GNC
Official figures, Economic, Social and Cultural Activists
Ladies and gentleman,

About ninety years ago, in 1920, Mary Haskell asked Gibran: "Aren't you irritated by the sarcastic Lebanese and middle easterners' criticism against your writings and thoughts?" Gibran laughed and asked her: "Are you familiar with the latest news?" As Mary was listening eagerly, he said: "the censorship removed my article "You have your Lebanon and I have Mine" from the Newspapers and Al-Hilal magazine. Though, ironically my name and the title were not cut from the index, hence I anticipate a lot of requests for the full article. They appraised me and insulted themselves."

Press Release
"Gibran National Committee Annual Award" honors 7 Lebanese Innovators"

The Gibran National Committee held its 1st "Gibran National Committee Annual Award" on September 27th, 2012 at the Casino du Liban – Salle des Ambassadeurs.

The award is to honor highly distinguished Lebanese, residents and expatriates, as recognition of their outstanding innovations and achievements nationally and internationally.

Dr. Tarek Chidiac, President of the Gibran National Committee, stated: "It is a tribute to Lebanese innovators who have succeeded wherever they are in this world, and have reflected, but rather given, a civilized image of Lebanon. Consequently, it is one of the primary purposes of Gibran National Committee existence… This award is distinctive and will be inevitably annual when the distinguished Lebanese innovators are numerous."

Seven trophies were presented following to the Gala dinner which gathered MPs of Bcharri, current and former ministers and MPs, cultural, economist, social activists, media figures, and other eminent guests.

This event, organized by WAW, featured a live entertainment program. A dedicated song, which was written by Antoine M. Taouk and composed by Father Khalil Rahmeh, was presented by Mirna Chaker and accompanied by more than 40 musicians conducted by Father Rahmeh. Moreover, a consequent two solo piano recitals were performed by artists Guy Manoukian and Joe Abi Aad.

The seven GNCAA laureates are:

· Late Mr. Antoine Choueiry: a Lebanese businessman who had a major impact on the regional modern media industry. On his behalf, his son Pierre Choueiry received the trophy from H.E. Mrs. Sethrida Geagea.

· Mr. Carlos Slim: a prominent Lebanese-Latin American businessman leader in various financial, industrial, real estate and commercial fields, who has contributed part of his fortune to many cultural and social activities. His trophy was presented by Dr. Chidiac and was received on his behalf by Dr. Ziad Hayek .

· H.E. Mrs. Leila Soloh Hmadeh: vice president of Al-Waleed Bin Talal humanitarian foundation and first women to be appointed a minister in Lebanon, and renowned for her humanitarian services. She received her trophy from Byblos Bank chairman Dr. Francois Bassil.

· H.E. Salah Stétié: an internationally notorious poet, essayist and critic who served in various diplomatic positions for Lebanon. H.E. Prf. Ibrahim Najjar presented to him the award.

· Me. Alexandre Najjar: considered among the best Lebanese novelists of his generation and represents Lebanon at the UNESCO General Assembly. H.E. Dr. Tony Karam presented to him the award.

· Father Khalil Rahmeh: priest of the Maronite Mariamite and Chaplain in the Sovereign Order of Malta, founder and director of several music schools, music composer and instructor. He accepted his trophy from H.E. Mr. Elie Kayrouz.

· Mr. Maroun Semaan: built a titan in the oil and gas industry, a supporter of philanthropic activities in the fields of education, healthcare as well as social welfare. On his behalf, his wife received the trophy from H.E. Mr. Joe Sarkis.

This event was broadcasted by Mur TV and Sponsored by Byblos Bank.