Byblos Int'l festival

Byblos International Festival 2010

The Byblos International Festival is a Lebanese festival held in Byblos. Gibran paintings were exhibited during the festival.

The program:

July 8th - July 28th, 2013 : Byblos International Festival 2010

Location : Gardens of the Unesco Square, Old souk – Byblos (Jbeil)

The Byblos International Festival is a Lebanese festival held in Byblos, the first Phoenician city, found around 5000 BC. The festival is the biggest in Lebanon, and attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world. The International Festival has been held annually since 2003. It takes place by the seaside in the historic quarter, in front of the castle built by the Crusaders in the 12th century. The festival's aims are to constantly boost tourism, promote the Lebanese rich heritage of culture, and spread music and art from to the rest of the world.

The Program of 2010 summer festival was announced at Edde Sands Jbeil, under the patronage of the Lebanese Minister of Culture H.E. Mr. Salim Wardeh and the presence of Ms. Latifa Lakis, Head of the Byblos International Festival the organizing committee of the Byblos International Festival in addition to local and official figures.

2010 Byblos International Festival that was held in collaboration of the Municipality of Byblos included an exhibition from 8 July – 28 July, 2010 at the gardens of the Unesco Square, Old souk – Byblos (Jbeil), for Gibran Khalil Gibran paintings, the international caricaturist Stavro Jabra works, Alfred Moussa photographs, Snap Shot Photography Club photos, Boutros Harb's art sculptures and traditional local products, handicraft and literal works (Pottery, copperplate, soap, ceramics, embroidery …).

Since the exhibition was held in an open air garden just few meters far from the beach where the environment condition do not match with an indoor specialized exhibition of original paintings where the humidity, light, temperature can be controlled; the GNC decided to exhibit 18 reproductions of Gibran's paintings that were spread on easels on 30 X 40 square meters between the beautiful trees to give a relaxing sight.

In the middle of the garden, a wooden seating set was placed. It was brought from the Gibran Museum specially to seat the visitors who wished to read the books of gibran that were displayed at the exhibition in addition to souvenirs items such as The Final Dwelling (20 minutes DVD) that is a documentary film produced by the GNC about the environment in which Gibran was raised, postal cards of Gibran's paintings, the latest release of the GNC that is a book of collected manuscripts of Gibran entitled "Turn the Page Young Man", postal stamps of Gibran, Statues sculptured by artist Rudy Rahmeh representing the head of Gibran and folders containing copies of Gibran's paintings. During the full period of the exhibition, security guards, waiters and vendors were standing by to assist the visitors.

All of these crowds in products and exhibits coincided with theatrical and lyrical dancing groups that were wandering in the streets and squares of Byblos.