Wahib Kayrouz's Promotion
2011 - 2012

Wahib Kayrouz's Promotion

The Gibran National Committee held its annual ceremony honoring outstanding students from different schools of Bsharreh district who have passed baccalaureate II, brevet and technical official exams with top grades for the scholar year 2011- 2012, on May 26th, 2013 at the Mary Haskel Square – Gibran Museum – Bsharreh.

The program:

11.00 a.m. Lebanese hymn followed by Gibran hymn
11.10 a.m. Opening speech by President of the GNC
11.20 a.m. Short movie display dedicated to the Late Wahib Kayrouz (his biography, bibliography, etc.)
11.40 a.m. Two consecutive Speeches by the top two students
11.50 a.m. Speech of the Bsharreh District schools
12.00 p.m. Speech of the Late W. Kayrouz's family
12.10 p.m. Prizes distribution
12.20 p.m. Cocktail

Honoring the outstanding Students by the GNC became a yearly routine. Same as every year this year's celebration was attended by former and local presidents and members of the GNC, members of parliament, parents, municipality presidents, social and educative movements, dignitaries, head of schools / universities and friends.

In his opening speech Dr. Chidiac thanked the attendees for coming to witness the very special day.

Addressing to the student he said that "the most important now is to focus on where you wish to be in the next years. Whether you will be baking bread, cooking up laws in the parliament, teaching, or creating beautiful music, all of you must make sure that the success is associated with what you do.

You must ponder on enhancing your future and setting great examples for those who love you and for those who will follow you. You must be the positive images of the tomorrow, wherever you come from, whatever you have, or don't have, whatever is your sex or cultural background, you will be partners to achieve greatness together for the benefit of your society's advancement and success in order to have highest self esteem, confidence, and motivation you must be willing to work diligently and have a keen understanding of how far you can go…."

speaking to the audience he said "being here among Wahib's family and friends today makes me feel excited and eager to speak about Wahib and my special relation with him, he who served the museum as its curator since 1971 until his last day.

I once asked myself who knows Gibran better than Wahib? The answer was no one. Wahib is the person who shed the light on lot of contradiction and critics against Gibran.

He had his own reservations about a lot of what has been said and written, he laid in wait to confront those who bitterly attacked Gibran and fabricated stories about him.

I admire Wahib indeed for his immense, knowledge, wisdom, purity and transparency. I sought his wisdom and guidance each time I faced a dilemma as he knew what is the right choice and solution and was my safe refuge…."

At the end of his speech Dr. Chidiac congratulated the students and wished them good luck.