Music concert by students of The Gibran Music Institute

Venue : Saint John Church - Bsharreh
Date : 1st of July 2018
Time : 06.00 p.m.

At the end of its academic year 2017-2018, the Gibran Music Institute in Bsharreh, an entity of the Gibran National Committee, organized a music concert performed by its students, at Saint John Church in Bsharreh, Gibran’s hometown, on the 1st of July 2018 at 06.00 p. m.

In addition to the GNC’s President Mr. Joseph A. Fenianos and its members, the concert was attended by Reverend Monsignor Joe Fakhry, Bsharreh’s MPs Mrs. Sethrida Geagea and Mr. Joseph Isak, President of Bsharreh’s Municipality Dr. George Geagea, Mayor Mr. Fadi Chidiac, schools’ directors, teachers of the Gibran Music Institute and students’ parents.

In his speech, Mr. Fenianos stressed that “despite the difficulties our beloved country is facing, the Gibran National Committee insisted to establish the Music Institute named after Gibran…. it is a dream of generations to come true… it is to confirm that Bsharreh’s inhabitants are not leaving their land… the institute is not only a beautiful building; it is a mean to immortalize a homeland”.

He also thanked the GNC’s former president Dr. Tarek Chidiac for the exerted efforts in the past eight years, specifically to ameliorate the music institute; then he thanked Father Khalil Rahmeh who gave his time to organize the choir of the institute along with Mr. Farid Rahmeh, and all the teachers one by one, particularly the Director Mr. Joseph Fakhry and Supervisor Mrs. Aline Tawk.

Gibran said in his book The Music “the music is soft tones that evoke the memory of hours of sorrow and grief, if they are sad, or the memory of serenity and joy, if they are happy”

Hence, “the Gibran National Committee is willing to continue its educational role in collaboration with a diversity of educational, intellectual and social organizations, based on dialectic and dialogue, persuading and convincing, aiming to form with emerged positive criticisms, the betterment of our people and Lebanon, and as His Holiness Pope John Paul II said in the Synod for Lebanon: "You are the power of good, you are the will of the truth, you are the substance of good faith, and you must hold hopes."”

At the end of the speech, the students and teachers performed stunning musical shows on several music instruments.